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peano4::parallel Namespace Reference


namespace  tests

Data Structures

class  Node
 Node is Peano's abstraction for the hybrid of MPI/threads. More...
class  SpacetreeSet
 The spacetree set has to be a singleton, as it is reponsible to accept requests for new trees from remote ranks. More...
struct  StartTraversalMessage
struct  TreeEntry
struct  TreeManagementMessage


int getTaskType (const std::string &className)
 Each task needs a unique type (number).

Function Documentation

◆ getTaskType()

int peano4::parallel::getTaskType ( const std::string & className)

Each task needs a unique type (number).

As I don't want to hard-code these types, I use a simple factory mechanism (aka this routine) to hand out integer types.

Definition at line 6 of file parallel.cpp.

References _log, and logInfo.