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peano4::datamanagement Namespace Reference

Data Structures

struct  CellMarker
 Cell marker. More...
class  FaceEnumerator
 Enumerator over an array of faces. More...
struct  FaceMarker
 Provide information about selected face. More...
struct  VertexEnumerator
 Vertex enumerator within array. More...
struct  VertexMarker
 Vertex marker to provide information about selected vertex. More...


tarch::la::Vector< Dimensions, double > reconstructXOfParentVertex (const VertexMarker &marker, const std::bitset< Dimensions > &parentVertexPositionWithinParentCell)
 Reconstruct parent vertex position.

Function Documentation

◆ reconstructXOfParentVertex()

tarch::la::Vector< Dimensions, double > peano4::datamanagement::reconstructXOfParentVertex ( const VertexMarker & marker,
const std::bitset< Dimensions > & parentVertexPositionWithinParentCell )

Reconstruct parent vertex position.

Whenever we run into a vertex event, this event is triggered from a cell's point of view. You can find out from the VertexMarker where within this cell the vertex is for which you got a vertex event. Likewisely, you can also reconstruct the spatial arrangement of this cell's parent cell. It is not a core vertex marker routine, which is frequently used, so we outsource it into a separate function of its own. At the moment, we are only aware of some debugging, tracing facilities which need this function.

parentVertexPositionWithinParentCellfollows Peano's dimension-generic lexicographic enumeration. You can also pass in an integer, which will automatically be packed into a bitset then.

Definition at line 13 of file VertexMarker.cpp.

References tarch::la::multiplyComponents().

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