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accelerator.h File Reference
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namespace  tarch
 Have to include this header, as I need access to the SYCL_EXTERNAL keyword.
namespace  tarch::internal


#define GPUOffloadingOff
#define GPUCallableMethod
#define GPUCallableInlineMethod


enum class  tarch::MemoryLocation { tarch::Heap , tarch::ManagedSharedAcceleratorDeviceMemory }


void tarch::gpuAbort ()
 Delegates to std::abort() if no GPU offloading is active.
std::string tarch::toString (MemoryLocation value)
void * tarch::internal::allocateRawData (int size, MemoryLocation location)
template<class T = double>
T * tarch::allocateMemory (int size, MemoryLocation location, int device=-1)
void tarch::freeMemory (void *data, MemoryLocation location)
int tarch::padSizeToAlignment (int size, int aligment)
double * tarch::memset (double *dest, double ch, size_t byteCount)
 Alternative GPU-ready version of memset.

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◆ GPUCallableInlineMethod

#define GPUCallableInlineMethod

Definition at line 35 of file accelerator.h.

◆ GPUCallableMethod

#define GPUCallableMethod

Definition at line 25 of file accelerator.h.

◆ GPUOffloadingOff

#define GPUOffloadingOff

Definition at line 9 of file accelerator.h.