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peano4::maps Namespace Reference

The map namespaces hosts various map implementations. More...

Data Structures

class  HierarchicalStackMap
class  STDStackMap


typedef std::pair< int, intStackKey
 Unique key identifying a stack.

Detailed Description

The map namespaces hosts various map implementations.

I use the maps to look up stacks for spacetree id+stack number combinations. The semantics of the classes is only described for STDStackMap which is a plain wrapper around the C++ maps adding some semaphores. Whereever other classes contain documentation, this documentation describes implementation details.

Typedef Documentation

◆ StackKey

typedef std::pair<int,int> peano4::maps::StackKey

Unique key identifying a stack.

To look up the right stack, we use a combination of tree number (id) and stack number. The tree number has to be positive, but it might refer to a local or a remote tree. In the latter case, the identified stack is a data exchange stack. The second entry is always positive and it identifies which stack of the corresponding tree is meant. The class peano4::grid::PeanoCurve contains information on pre-defined stack numbers.

Definition at line 32 of file maps.h.